Button Punch Snap Lock Seam Roll Former

The Lockformer Button Punch Snap Lock Seam Roll Former forms a two piece seam that greatly simplifies ductwork assembly. The male seam is a button, the female seam is a lock and the two snap together for a flush corner. These machines can form 20 to 26 gauge sheet metal into female locks on the inboard and button punched right angle flanges on outboard rolls at speeds of 60-65 fpm and are available in seven and nine forming station machines. Not only do these locks assemble twice as fast as traditional methods but, because the two pieces nest, they are easier to transport too.

Standard with Lockformer quality construction, these machines have industrial motors, high precision needle-type bearings, heavy 3/4″ chassis plate, case-hardened and ground roll shafts, and arc-welded steel stands protected with Lockformer’s top-quality primer and paint finish. Alternate fittings are easily accessible from a main transmission bearing lubrication panel.


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Button Punch Snap Lock Seam Roll Former

Capacity 20–26 gauge
Depth of Pocket / Size Uses approximately 1-3/4" material
Speed 60 - 65 feet per minute
Motor / Voltage 3 hp, 230/460 volts, 60 cycle, 3 phase, A.C. 3,600 RPM. Other motors available upon request.
Dimensions Length: 58.5" Width: 24" Height: 41" Passline: 34"
Weight Weight: 725 lbs.

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De werkplaats machine voor de professionals. Al jaren een bewezen multifuctioneel en kwalitatief hoogwaardige machines bestemd voor zwaar werkplaatsgebruik.

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