Transverse Duct Connector (TDC) T25a - 16ga

With Lockformer Transverse Duct Connector (TDC) Rollformers, you can roll form your own seal-able flanges on transverse duct joints during the fabrication process for both fittings and straight duct applications.

Introduced in 1982, the original Lockformer TDC Rollformer continues to be the only transverse duct connector machine on the market that produces rollformed flanges certified to have passed all the functional criteria tests from 1/2” W.G. to 10” W.G. to comply with SMACNA Duct Construction Standard (DCS) T-25a*. Today the Lockformer TDC T25A Rollformer is available in the original standard configurationwith a capacity of 18-26ga steel at a speed 60 ft/min and our latest model which has a capacity of 16-24ga steel at a speed of 70 ft/min with optional inboard and  outboard roll sets.


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Transverse Duct Connector (TDC) T25a - 16ga

Capacity 16ga - 24ga
No. of Forming Stations 16
Shaft Diameter 1-1/4” Stress Proof
Vertical Center Distance 4"
Horizontal Center Distance 6"
Speed 70 ft/min
Motor 10 H.P.3 Phase 208, 230, 460V, 60 Cycle
Transmission Heavy Duty Oil Bath Gear Reducer
Drive All Gear Drive coupled to Transmission with Heavy Duty Roller Chain
Dimensions 141” L x 35” W x 47” H — 3,500 lbs.
Optional Outboard Tooling 1-1/8” Standing Seam Rolls 16ga 1-1/4” Standing Seam Rolls 16ga 1-1/2” Standing Seam Rolls 16ga TDC Clip Rolls 20ga 16ga Pittsburgh Rolls 1/2” Pocket 1-1/8” 18ga 3 in 1 Rolls
Optional Inboard Tooling 1-1/8” 20ga Standing S Cleat 1-5/8” 20-22ga Standing “S” Bar Slip TDC Clip Roll Set 14ga 2x2 Angle
Optional Equipment Variable Speed Frequency Drive Industrial Hard Chrome Plating for TDC Rolls Pendent Control

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